Facts – Is Black Friday Really Dangerous for Some of Us?

The day after Thanksgiving, called Black Friday is linked with a thousand different ideas by people. Even though the numbers were going down last year, it serves as the busiest day of shopping for everyone.  While it is commercially a powerful holiday, it proves to be destructive and exploits workers. Although mattress deals Black Friday prove to be great option, it isn’t a hidden fact anymore that Black Friday shopping is a dangerous venture. Fights and riots, even stampedes are very common to occur on the day. A website that gives the number of confirmed deaths and injuries on the holiday stated that since 2006 there’ve been 111 injuries and 10 deaths on this very day! The invisible hazard isn’t inside the shops but actually in the out of control consumerism that results in exploiting the workers of the industry.

The NRF totaled last year’s Black Friday sales up to a whopping 690 billion dollars. Ethical buying is questioned when you are spending such a big amount to shop.  The Fashion industry creates dangerous repercussion for the environment and customers both, the factories underpay its employees and mistreat them as they put very harmful toxins in the environment. Online shopping is dangerous as well. For instance, a website that has huge following and popularity has been putting its employees in terrible conditions just to maintain the business model. All over the world, the employees are exposed to terrible conditions just so they turn out an $8 T-shirt or new products and technologies. Due to this, Black Friday is an outmoded consumerist holiday and shouldn’t even exist anymore in the world. 

This year alone on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, some 164 million US citizens are planning to shop. If you happen to be one of those people, here are a few things that you should know before you jump the bandwagon of shopping online or in a store.  To get the best deals, people go to the extent of shoving each other and fighting which results in personal injuries. Numbers have gone to 105 if we talk about injuries on the Black Friday, excluding 10 deaths, in the last 10 years.

If you plan on online shopping, you are risking getting your package or in some cases, even your identity to be stolen.

 The common injuries of the season occur due to slipping and falling, so look out for slippery or wet floors, products off of shelves and onto the floor in aisles or torn carpets. However, if you do slip or fall, you must report the incident to store and get a claim form and even photograph the situation. Medical records are the proof document to support your injury claim.

The other common hazard is car hit and run and pedestrian accidents in the parking lot. If compared to any other normal Friday, the parking lot accidents are increased by 25% on a Black Friday. If you happen to be the unfortunate person who had a Black Friday car accident, you must photograph the damage and ask for store CCTV footage from that particular store.

Most of the thefts and robberies take place during this holiday and packages and even wallets are stolen. Place your shopping bags in the trunk if you choose to leave the car. Keep the receipts of your shopping with yourself and not in the shopping bags if you want to make a claim. If you happen to shop online update your password regularly and shop from verified sites only.